Material Management System

Material Management System

Organizations that have large inventory also require managing of inventory flow to ensure no area of the business is neglected.

This system is used to automate and facilitate material management processes electronically and also helps in effective management and record keeping of the material; this will enhance the effectiveness and efficient management of different material. Users of different departments will access their authorized sections in the system and use forms to carry out their day to day tasks related to the management of the different data and view reports accordingly.

Usually, organizations are not equipped to have fully automated tools or the appropriate infrastructure to effectively manage this function. In which case, they end up spending more resources on managing inventory, maintaining store stock levels or material planning at stores and reporting to various department heads. This situation becomes more troublesome when there are shifts working round the clock and results in too much time and effort spent to administer non–core functions of the business. LBS, through its Material Management experts can help maintain this issue and also help to cut costs drastically in this area. Our experts offer MMS suite to resolve all such issues.


  • Tracking of material inventory at any store
  • Full tracking of material from request to receiving


  • Centralized repository of materials
  • Material movement between stores
  • Consolidation of requests
  • Value based tender/ quotation generation mechanism
  • Users, Roles and their privileges management
  • User defined approval chain
  • Vendor / Supplier management
  • Interactive layout with AJAX
  • Material receiving can be done at multiple defined locations
  • Record modification date & time and user info (audit trail)
  • Provisioning of multiple companies to manage their inventory
  • Email alerts
  • Partial receiving and pre-inspection of material before receiving
  • Every report may be exported or emailed in many formats
  • Fast Deployment/ Customization with Smart Upgrade technology
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